Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why I've Started This Blog

1. To have a place to collect and share my experiences - and photographs and videos of same. I've had a lot of adventures - a lot just this year - and I want to share all the things that made them wonderful.

My very sweet friends in Jamaica, mon.
I'm not sure what sign they're flying there.
I hope I'm not in a Jamaican gang now...
2. To document some of my rather unconventional history before I forget it all. I'm already skeptical about some of memories - was I actually there or did I just hear the story so many times I've invented images in my head with me in them!? And vice-versa, actually. My mom insists it was me who used to bang my head against the wall when I wanted out of my crib. I swear that was my little brother.

3. To let certain elements of my life serve as a warning to others. ; ) To give you the opportunity to learn from some of my mistakes - and me, too, for that matter.
I loved my VW van,
but I should have bought the one that was $4000 more!
4. To give my friends, family, and anyone else who's interested a place to talk about things we've found particularly wonderful, helpful, inspiring, or fun.
Volcano Birthday Cake!
Those aren't corn cob holders, they're Tikis! LOL.
5. Because I've been blogging for my cat for almost three years and my soul is yearning to express itself without any of these:  =^..^=
Cokie checking in with his 4700 Twitter followers.
According to my Jyotish (Vedic) astrologer, my life's purpose is to 'lead people from the darkness to the light.' It is quite fitting, I think, that very coincidentally, I find myself finally publishing my first post of this blog on the Autumnal Equinox, when day and night are of equal lengths, which particularly resonates with me right now. This is a perfect time to come to terms with our own darkness, in order to fully embrace the light and love we're meant to exude.
Photo from
So there it is. Thank you for reading my very first blog post on Notes For My Next Life. I'd love to hear who you are and where you're from - and what you think of this new blog project of mine. Please bookmark it, and come back to it.

I hope this becomes a special refuge and meeting place in this weird, wild metaphysical Internet space and time that we can enjoy, learn from and treasure together.

Check out this awesome visualization of a tiny piece of the Internet. That's us!
Tree of routing paths through a portion of the Internet
as visualized by the Opte Project
Peace and happy Autumn!


  1. PepiSmartDog: What are the odds ! I'm your first comment ! A DOG ! BOL ! LIke your blog & it's name too. Love your birthday cake piccie ! Look forward to following your journey. *high paw* :=o) Mum says she really likes your new project. XXX

  2. Yay Kristin - congrats on the new blog! I look forward to reading more wonderful stories about your long, strange trip. ;-)

  3. Pepi! Tell Michele she needs to come out from behind your pram and post for herself in here! LOL

    And Vicki, thank you. ; )

  4. Seriously, what would be wrong with being a Jamaican gang member? Sounds like it would simply be par for the course for you.

    Excited to read more of your adventures and musings. xoxoxo Caroline

  5. great blog...keep it up....i really enjoyed it!

    aka pntbtrkisses

  6. Hi Kristin! I'm here from the 31DBBB discussion and I think this blog looks like it will be wonderful. I already love Cokie the Cat and look forward to following here too! :)

  7. Awesome! Love the "look" of the blog too. Very creative my friend.

  8. Enjoyed it and it will be fun to follow along on your adventures.

  9. Hi Kristin! This is going to be a great blog, and look forward to more posts!

  10. Looks like Jinny is posting for me, Jodie, rather than the other way around. One day I'll figure out how to comment as a human. Great Blog Kristen. I had a VW Camper van as well, but it wasn't nearly as nice as yours. We're looking forward to following your posts!

  11. This is exciting looking forward to read about you :) SeattleP

  12. Kristen, I'm looking forward to reading your blog. Best of luck with this new venture!

  13. Love your new blog, looking forward to reading about your life's adventures. You've inspired mom to get off her duff and start her own now too. As long as she tends to mine, its ok w/ moi!

  14. You know we love you! This is just Fab! Kitty & PG

  15. Tons of good fortune. We are all ears!

    Dana & Niqqi