Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dig Stuff

My friend in Progressivism, Bing.

Yes, I'm home from Austin, but more on that later...

My friend, Bing, posted a Louie Schwartzberg"Gratitude" film, embedded below, on his Facebook page today. I ended up going to Louie's "Moving Art" YouTube page and watching all 40 of his short films. 

Schwartzberg, who went to UCLA Film School, is an American director, producer, and award-winning cinematographer, specializing in time lapse and aerial photography, among other things. Some of Louie's footage appeared in Koyaanisqatsi and many of his short - and longer films - have that same vibe of love for the planet and its inhabitants.

Louie Schwartzberg
This all speaks very directly to me and I think it will to you too. If you want to see more or learn more about Schwartzberg and his work, check out his main page at his main page is at, which is gorgeous.

Then, try to do what Jeff Mallard frequently reminds me I taught him when we lived in Laurel Canyon... "It's a beautiful day. Let's just go out and dig stuff."
Jeff Mallard
So much to dig, so little time...

As you can see,  Jeff's still taking my advice to heart all these years later. Here is is, quite obviously, just diggin' stuff.
Anyway, I'm trying to get you to watch these videos! 
I hope you like them. Let me know.

This is one more, just to whet your appetite... If you like it, go check him out at



  1. PepiSmrtDog: Watched both videos = MAGNIFICENT !!! I do an advanced photography class every Thursday & I'm going to take this link. Thank you so much for sharing this stunning work with us ! You've made my day ! XXX :=o)

  2. WOW - what great videos. So much talent in one person. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Kristin, thanks so much for sharing these inspirational and beautiful videos. I'd like to share these with my friends

  4. Ou lived in Laurel Canyon? Way cool!