Saturday, December 10, 2011


Alright, well...
I just spent an hour writing a post about this morning's full lunar eclipse, getting all philosophical and spiritual about it, then my blog froze and for the first time ever NONE of it was auto-saved. I've been spoiled.

I just don't have it in me to rewrite it, especially since I'm setting my alarm to get up at 4:45am PT for the beginning of the eclipse. It will be full on at 6:32am PT.

It should also be a pretty awesome big low red full moon, best seen in Hawaii and the far western U.S. Right now, it's a big, bright white spotlight of a full moon.

Red Moon During Lunar Eclipse
Wikimedia Commons

(Great. It's auto-saved this three times in three minutes.)

Here's a lovely article from MOONCIRCLES to replace the one I tried to write: Beyond Words by astrologer April Elliott Kent.


  1. Awesome! From Hollywood Blvd. it looks like the moon is over Laurel Canyon. The full moon is completely eclipsed and a coppery red color.

    There's a live feed with live photos from all over the world showing the eclipse at They say the best view is in Eastern Australia.

  2. Enjoy friend. Wish we could see it, but alas, we live too far east. The moon is beautiful in all it's full glory.

  3. PepiSmartDog: it was midnight & mum just got into bed & then she read Ur tweet: Eastern Australia has best view of red moon eclipse. Guess where mum lives ? YEP - Eastern Aus; Queensland. She jumped up & ran out front door with her camera in hand. Cats were busting to get out there too - why should she have all the fun ? Bad luck for them, she didn't trust them to come out. But she did take some great photos. The moon looked magenta in colour & really beautiful.
    Thank U for the message or she would have missed it for sure ! XXX :=o)