Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blog Slacker - Already? Man...

Apologies for starting and immediately slacking on this blog.

You don't need to hear all my excuses but I will offer in my defense that I've been in photo hell with all the pics I took during my travels this year - all four memory cards' worth, and just haven't wanted to write about my awesome summer adventures without my pics. As soon as that gets figured out, which will be soon, I'll tell you all about Jamaica, San Francisco, Massachusetts, DC, Virginia, and a lot of other fun stuff.

I've been in hard core physical therapy for my right knee, which doesn't want to stay 'on track' and has been 'going out' on me more than usual lately, causing some rather ungraceful and very painful face plants. I'm bound and determined to kick my knee's ass into shape once and for all, so I don't have to do stairs like an old lady and avoid hiking and, oh yeah, stepping off curbs. Screw that. I'm going all Tyler Durden on my knee. Don't say I didn't warn you, patella.

I've also been entrenched in political Twitter debate, and once you get me started... Well. I just need to stop that little addiction.

And I've been helping out some of my pet blogging friends with a 'Twitter Tips for Beginners' series on my cat's blog. Yes, I'm just saying it. Those who know me, know that my cat Cokie is just about the coolest ragdoll cat around. Certainly in L.A., and he has his own blog. Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider. (He's not allowed outside since he fell from an 80' palm tree 16 years ago.)

Cokie is going on eighteen now and wears pants because of spinal damage from aforementioned palm tree incident. He's something of a role model for incontinent cats. He wears his man pants and he wears them well. In fact, he rocks those fuckers.

There goes my Disney blog sponsorship. Oh, well.

My point here is that I've been writing something of a primer for people (or pets) who want to tweet. Twitter. Get to twittering.

If you have any desire to check out Twitter, are new to Twitter, or just want to make fun of my cat teaching people to use Twitter, head on over to and click on the Twitter Tips tab up top.

And no, I don't have kids. Don't start with me.