Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspiration, Move Me Brightly

I've been insanely busy and have not gotten my photo/computer sitch worked out yet. Rather than pretend I'm going to be posting my travel pics any time soon, or writing new content for my blog in any regular manner at this point, I'm just going to be real with you. 

After periods of frenetic activity I tend to fall into opposite world, staying up late, sleeping very late, slouching about, often not leaving home. The only one who's perfectly cared for is Cokie, who is high maintenance and has needs which we see are addressed daily in return for his general awesomeness.

This would be Cokie. It is, in fact, Cokie. 

Borrowing from my friend Wanda, who sends me "motivation of the day" videos when she knows I need one, I'm going back to my old MySpace Healing Prayer Circle days, when I would post things that made me feel better, inspired, made me feel like dancing, cleaning, walking, driving, cooking maybe. Like calling my mom or my friends instead of emailing them. Sometimes just something that made me feel... something. Even if it was sad. Feeling sad has its place.

So that's what I'm aiming to do here for a while. My first daily inspiration (which I'm posting at 2:30am on a Sunday - no surprise there) is a video of Adele singing "Someone Like You" in her living room.

  1. Her voice sounds like taffy
  2. It's a sad song about someone who moved on, got married, had a family- and she still loves him. Always good for a bit of melancholy candle burning. Maybe a hint of sage.
  3. I'm definitely going to set up the mic stands and make a space where we can just plug in and make music together off the cuff like that, like we used to in the Valleyheart house. Loved that old haunted house with the studio/den with the kingsize sofabed, fireplace and wetbar. That, my friends, was a party house. I'll save the earthquake that was ONLY in my bedroom for another time.  ; )
Funny how things like this, and all sorts of other little bits of things will make me get me up and at 'em. (Atom Ant) in no time flat. Feel free to comment on things you like and post links to things that are doing it, whatever it is, for you.

Thanks for hanging in here...


  1. I find the Grateful Dead inspires me :) And the moon. I guess I've forgotten how cheesy it is to suggest to someone to look at the moon, but really, you should! Happy to stumble across your blog...

  2. The Dead and the moon. Yes. Especially "Walking on the Moon" by the Grateful Dead. ; )

    Glad you found me. I like your blog, too!


  3. Your words really resonated with me. Staying up late, sleeping late, wondering what "hope" is (really! Is it a feeling? A habit? An emotion? A choice?). Struggling with maintaining my once-strong sense of wonder in the world. Count me in as a regular reader!

  4. Thank you, Susan

    I love your post about our mutual Jamaican friends on your blog! I hope your life is slowing coming back together after the fire.