Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Heart AAA

24 Years Of Saving My Ass

First of all, I love Triple A.

Today we called the Auto Club to bring us a battery for my boyfriend's 97 Cherokee. We forgot the alarm remote upstairs that you have to click before the car will start.

The alarm is messed up anyway. It occasionally goes off when you're driving and the lights flash and it feels like you're in a Stephen King story.

He took it to our highly recommended auto electronics shop we've been going to for 15 years - and where I've spent thousands of dollars on my 4Runner. I always thought they were way expensive but they always end up convincing us we really need the work and that, in fact, we're getting a deal.

This shop told Michael a year ago that to deactivate the alarm, they'd have to remove the dash to get to the fuse, and the labor would cost $1500. He passed.

Nestor, the Auto Club tow truck driver who replaced his battery today, crawled in from the driver's side, reached up and under behind the dash, and pulled the fuse. The alarm is deactivated. We did not spend $1500.

Yes, it's fucked up that this shop tried to charge us $1500 for something the AAA guy did for free in two minutes, but it's also awesome that we have a new friend named Nestor, who could easily have suggested we tow the jeep back to his shop to 'work on it.'

Thank you, Nestor. We're inviting you to our next party.


  1. Everyone needs a Nestor in their life! xo

  2. Oh dear - it's a good thing Nestor happened along. I'll bet you'll never go back to that electronics store again.

  3. Everyone does, Caroline!

    M, I was going to post a pic of their shop sign but Michael convinced me not to. I didn't like editing that out even though I was hesitant to include it in the first place.

    If anyone in L.A. wants to know who it is, so they can avoid them, shoot me an email at kristin at

    I'll also give you an auto sound/alarm company to steer clear of. Nestor looked at my 4runner wiring, while he was there, and showed me stripped wires from MY aftermarket auto alarm installation that hadn't even been taped over, which isn't just bad, it's dangerous.

    Of course, Nestor taped them up for me.

    I am going to Yelp both of them, though. And Nestor's shop.