Sunday, November 20, 2011

These Boots Are Made For ... Slouching?

I bought myself some nice new black Clarks ankle boots on sale at Macy's last week, to have some classy footwear for the rainy season. As you may know, in Southern California, we have two basic seasons: fire and rain. Like the James Taylor song.

That's not really true. We also have lots of beautiful warm days, cool sweater days, freaking hot days and once in a while a really cold day, but mostly it's either warm and too dry or raining. We love the rain.

I had the perfect occasion to wear then today as we experienced a torrential downpour on my way to San Pedro this morning for a travel agent tour of the Crystal 'Symphony' cruise ship. Really gorgeous ship, btw, and they have offer computer lessons, Berlitz language lessons, acupuncture, teeth whitening - a lot more than movies, dancing and golf while you're out there discovering the world. If you're in the market for a luxury cruise, I can hook you up!  ; )

Anyway, I wore my fun new boots and love the fact that they a bit of a heel, making me taller than my usual almost 5'4" - I even bought a longer pair of pants for them.

I haven't work any kind of heel in years. My podiatrist told me my foot xrays look like those of a professional soccer player. That's not a compliment. I've broken several bones, lost both big toenails (they're back, but not perfect), sprained feet and ankles. OK, so I'm accident prone. At least you can't say I just sit around all the time.

I pulled my socks up high so the tops of my boots wouldn't rub against my ankles. They weren't knee socks, but sort of high ribbed trouser socks.

Halfway through the tour my socks were wrapped around my toes, with no protection to my legs whatever, and, surprise, my leg about 3 " above my left ankle is rubbed raw. OUCH.

I spent the rest of the tour walking like a - I don't know what I looked like, but it definitely wasn't the look  I was going for.

So this is my question. What socks does one wear with ankle boots?? I've been looking for sort of substantial slouchy socks but can't find them anywhere. It seems that for a lot of walking, it would take more than just thin knee socks, but I don't want to go leg warmers, either - and sometimes I'll want to wear them with tights, and... slouch socks!

Are those a phenomenon of the 80's? Am I showing my sock age? Can anyone recommend a specific good pair of socks that will protect my ankles from friction and NOT slide down around my instep when I wear boots?



  1. Tis a problem I see. I've had ankle boots and never had a problem, but they were never as stylish as yours. Hope you get some answers friend.

  2. I cannot help you with the sock thing, but wow, those are cute boots!